Hope Animal Foundation

We understand the power of human-animal bonds and the roles pets play in our lives. For many people this includes companionship, service, and health. When pet medical emergencies arise, such as broken bones, cancer and infections many people simply cannot afford the emergency care needed due to cost and many times have to euthanize their pets. 

We love all animals, but Hope Animal Foundation is not an animal rights organization. We are unique because we believe in helping people first, by saving their pets lives. Our goal is to provide the funds needed for EMERGENCY veterinary care and medical costs to those in our community who qualify (primarily low income widows, single senior citizens, and families). 

Over the last 7 years Hope Animal Foundation has teamed up with local veterinarians, wonderful volunteers and prominent members of the community. We would like to ask you to help us continue making a difference. Together, we can change lives by saving the ones they love. 

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Tax deductable 501(c)3 since 2009

Changing lives by saving the ones they love