Hope Animal Foundation

Changing lives by saving the ones they love


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The mission of Hope Animal Foundation is to save the lives of animals and to change the lives of the ones who love them. Millions of people rely on their pets for peace, companionship and at times service assistance. As you know pets are special members of the family. Pets are unconditionally loved and love unconditionally. When emergencies arrive many cannot afford to provide medical care for their pets. 

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your pet was diagnosed with cancer, broke a bone or got an infection and your only option was euthanization due to cost? Consider families who are on a low fixed income. Moreover, think about the elderly, the widowed or singles who rely on their pets, (their best friends), for companionship. Our mission is to provide a sense of security and resources to those individuals in desperate times of need. We have teamed up with local veterinarians, volunteers and prominent members of our community. In doing so we strive to provide funding, supplies and resources to offer the life saving tools needed when emergencies arrive. This is very expensive.This effort can only be achieved with your help and contribution. 

‚Äč** Hope Animal Foundation is an all volunteer staff so every dollar you donate goes to helping those in need. Our board consists of a licensed therapist, retired police, full time students and corporate assistants -- no one draws a dime for themselves. I don't think you can say that about many other organizations. 

Please make a charitable donation today. With your help we can eliminate unnecessary euthanization and enrich the lives of those in need.